The Team!

Nik  Nik

Nik is the co-owner and co-manager of Catshack and resides on the property, providing 24/7 care to all guests.  Nik has a Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology (which comes in very handy when chatting with her guests, particularly during the evening ‘love round’)!

Nik also graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 1999 and has found the clinical and diagnostic skills acquired  when caring for humans is quite transferable to her feline charges (they are just a bit hairier).  It was a mid-life crisis at the age of 40 that resulted in Nik pursuing her life-long dream to spend each day with her furry friends and since taking over Catshack, Nik has furthered her studies by obtaining Pet Care Studies – Certificate Level and Pet Care Studies – Advanced Level from the Pet Industry Association of Australia.

Nik and Simon have three beautiful cats Pickle, Sherbet/Burburt and Beanie as well as a devoted and loving Rotti named Miss Chilli.


Simon is also known as Nik’s other half and has a new-found love for all things feline!  Simon recently left his long-standing role as an Operations Manager at a large construction company to focus on our joint passion.  As the other co-owner and co-manager of Catshack, Simon assists with all daily duties  and is responsible for the building and maintenance of the facility and grounds.  Over the years, Simon has learnt ‘cat speak’ and is now competent in conversing with the guests, especially when assisting at meal times.  With a background of over 10 years in the police force, Simon is excellent at ensuring law and order are maintained in the facility at all times.  Simon is renowned for secretly giving (food) treats to our fur-kids in the house – even when we are trying to manage their weight!

However, Nik and Simon would be completely lost without the support of their small team of dedicated staff who are committed to caring for our guests and providing excellent customer service to our hooman clients.  All of our small team are cat owners and cat-lovers and so understand the needs of our furry visitors.  Much time and effort is taken when selecting, hiring and training our staff – they are well equipped to provide all care and are passionate about their work.

Lynn  Lynn

Lynn joined Catshack in October 2016 and is now the acting Manager in Nik & Simon’s absence.  Lynn has an extensive history in the cattery industry and is a full-time team member with us at Catshack – anything she doesn’t know about kitty-kids is probably not worthwhile knowing!  Like Nik, Lynn has also spent a number of years of working in the human healthcare sector but is much happier being surrounded by our furry friends.

Lynn is the proud owner of six (yes – 6!) feline family members and also loves spending time with her one and only pooch, Arlo.

Ruth  ruth

Ruth joined Catshack in 2017 and is a valued part-time staff member.  Ruth came to us with many years of experience in other catteries, including the management of another cat boarding facility.  Ruth is a qualified groomer and has already taught us a thing or two about getting the best results for our guests’ coats!

Ruth has one puss-cat of her own and is also heavily involved in dog rescue – in particular, with dogs who have special needs – one of her rescue pooches is deaf.